Signature Oak

­­­­­­­­­­­­­080622_ATGsigOak0060.jpgTh­e O­­regon Garden located in Silverton, Oregon contains an Oregon White Oak estimated at 400 years old.  The Signature Oak is known not only for its age but also its unusual structure and remarkable size. While standing bellow the Signature Oak you can observe the lowest branches coming off the trunk 30 or more feet up and growing strait into the ground as if they were weighted down.  After tracing where the branches disappear into the earth bellow, they reappear again around the outer spread of the tree's canopy growing in branched-groves with the character of individual trees.  There are competing theories as to why the unusual growth occurred; some siting environmental conditions and age, and some speculating about alteration by American Indians for unknown reasons. Although the Signature Oak is more than a few points behind the massive dimensions of the current champion, we consider it a future champion because of its large size and relative youth.

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