God's Valley Spruce

This is another tree that was brought to our attention after the death of the Klootchy Creek Spruce. As far as dimensions and likely age, it is very close to the Cape Perpetua Spruce, but that is where the similarities end.  While the Cape Perpetua area is a cherished tourist attraction and wildlife sanctuary, this tree is on private timberland in God's Valley, on the northern Oregon coast.  While the area is renowned for its ethereal beauty (hence the name), it has been mercilessly clearcut since the 19th century. This tree is one of the very few old trees that remain in an area that was once home to many extraordinarily large trees.


After this tree was brought to our attention, we sought out information on the landowner.  We found that the landowner lives overseas, and that preparations for a clearcut were already underway.  Because the tree is on private land, there was little we could do to stop it.  We did win a small victory when the logging company pledged not to cut that particular spruce, and according to our sources they have followed through with this promise.


While we should all be grateful that a remarkable tree was saved from being turned into boardfeet, it is beyond tragic to lose one of the very few remnants of ancient forest in God's Valley.


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