Cape Perpetua Spruce

The Cape Perpetua giant spruce is a famous tourist attraction of the central Oregon coast, and was brought to our attention as a possible contender for state champion status after the death of the Klootchy Creek Spruce. While it did not measure up to the other tree we had nominated, we feel strongly that this tree will be the next generation's biggest tree on the coast. Compared to the current state champion Sitka Spruce on Cape Meares, this tree is estimated to be 300 years younger.  It is near a creek which provides it a steady water source, and in a valley protected from the harshest winds coming off the Pacific.  Like our other future champions, it has a healthy foliage to wood ratio and is still vigorously adding new wood to its trunk as well as growing up at a rate of 6-8 inches a year.

A story about our visit to measure this tree is available in our expeditions.

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