Chronicles Of Measuring Champion Trees

Brummit Fir

After spending most of the day navigating on logged-out B.L.M. roads and receiving dubious directions from various locals( one leading us on a riding lawnmower), Brian, Will and Sean arrived at the tree shortly before sunset. Brian set an access line at 130' near the lowest part of the canopy just before dark. The next morning they returned to the tree hiking through one of the most pristine old-growth forests in the state. One by one they ascended up the tree disappearing into the branches of the lower canopy. With Brian leading they climbed the Brummit's complex structure sometimes through vast space reaching 25 to 30' between branches. They had advanced 280' before midday approaching the last 55' to the top. The last 55' of foliage was sparse and full of dead branches, which called for delicate, careful climbing. The rest of the afternoon was spent at the top enjoying the view of the surrounding ridges and valleys. After sunset the team descended 335', finally reaching the ground, well after dark with the aid of their headlamps.

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