Special Thanks To Our Sponsors

Since 2007 we have focused our energy on documenting champion trees. These efforts have been rewarding in so many ways, and we couldn't have done it without our fantastic sponsors. We would like to take the time to thank you for your contributions. Your time, skill and participation in this project have been crucial.


Asia Tree Preservation- Besides flying Brian and Will out to Hong Kong, giving them work, putting them up in their own home and sending them back to the states once in a while, Don and Jon from ATP were very generous with donations for the Treeverse project. We couldn't have done it without your support, thank you ATP.

Sterling Rope- By far, we and so many others know that Sterling's static HTP is like no other for canopy access. Many thanks to Sterling for setting the rigging crew us up with ropes, pulleys, carabiners and hardware. 

Samson Rope- Samson has supported the tree climbing community for many years. Featured in the Treeverse film is the famous lightweight arborist climbing rope, Velocity! Truly our favorite when staying light is important. Samson came through for us in a huge way, thanks for your support. 

Sherrill Tree- The company that has changed arboriculture by educating and distributing safe products since the 60's. A special thanks goes out to Sherrill Tree by outfitting gear not only to the featured climbers but to the whole crew, as well as their monetary support for the creation of the film. 

Pro Photo Supply- Pro Photo Supply has generously provided specialized video production and photography camera equipment to capture the work of Ascending the Giants.

Freesolo Photography
- Our dedicated photographers and good friends at Freesolo have been with us for years.  We'd like to thank Freesolo for their unyielding support. Like the photos on this site? Then go check out theirs.

Uncage The Soul Productions- Website for our extremely talented videographer, John Waller, the man behind the award winning ATG documentary.

New Tribe- Good friends of ours whose love and support has meant the world to us.  Pillars of the tree climbing community and makers of the Treeboat.  Great people doing great things for all the right reasons.

Prana- Makers of great outdoor clothing and stalwarts of the climbing community. We love your clothes as well as your philosophy.

Aarn Bodypacks
- Fabricators of amazingly ergonomic, ahead of the curve packs we have been using for years.  If you have some serious amounts of gear but still need to be mobile, you should check out these fantastic and functional packs.

Long Shadow Photography- Local photographer, Darryl Lloyd, has exhibited great efforts to capture the true perspective of champion trees in Oregon. His "Tallest Known Douglas-fir" print was widely excepted and was published in the Oregonian newspaper as well. Thank you Mr. Lloyd for your fantastic work.



Bill Price- Our tours around Oregon and the PNW have been mostly shuttled and gas funded by Bill and his get-to; the expedition Euro-van. Notching up thousands of miles, his vehicle is accesserized with night vision lighting, seating for 6, a pop-up roof bed, a library of outdoor/wildlife books and maps, roof bag for hundreds of pounds of gear, first aid/poison oak/bee sting kits, power hook-ups for anything and somehow enough storage and room for himself as well.

Bill's van/our basecamp, on a 6 day expedition to document the world's tallest Douglas-fir, the Brummitt Fir. This photo was taken during our dinner retreat from the treetops while helping ourselves to bear stew, "Big Game!"  This photo, like most photos on our website is courtesy of Freesolo.

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