Links and Web Resources


The Gymnosperm Database
- The source for all things relating to coniferous trees.  Excellent information on all conifers around the world, from the common to the rare and strange. Every article is scrupulously referenced to scientific publications.



Oregon Plant Atlas- An interactive guide that can tell you where any of Oregon's native plants can be found within the state.  A bafflingly useful program for the tree geek or horticulturalist.




California Condor Reintroduction Program in Oregon- The Oregon Zoo's page covering the work of one of the most dedicated individuals we know, David Moen.  David's quest is to build a case for reintroduction of California Condors to Oregon.  To this end he catalogues potential nesting sites and investigates them for past habitation.

American Forests: National Register of Big Trees- The keepers of the US big tree registry since it's inception in 1940.  Their website is also worth checking out for the many other tree-advocacy programs they are behind.

California Register of Big Trees
- Home to many of the largest trees on the planet, California's registry webpage is well worth checking out.


Landmark Trees Archive- Home to the most exhaustive archive of big and tall trees of many of the largest tree species both in the US and abroad, this site also has one of the most eye-popping galleries you'll see anywhere.  Add in all sorts of great articles and links and a monthly newsletter all curated by big tree legend Michael Taylor, this is a website you need to see to believe.


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