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Visit Uncage The Soul Productions to veiw an
award winning 12 min. documentary and learn
about some of the largest trees in the Pacific Northwest.

Join us as we climb and measure Oregon's new state champion Sitka Spruce...

This film and Ascending the Giants were awarded the official 2009 Leave No Trace award.

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Smithsonian Magazine

A select group of adventures climb the world's tallest trees to learn more about the wildlife that lives on the highest branches 

Climbing The Tallest Trees

By Portland, OR local writer Peter Beland

Herpotology Review

May 23, 2008, during an ATG expedition, climber Clint Landon found an adult male and female clouded salamander in a small cavity 250 feet up a Douglas-fir. This finding is a record in height and is significant to a better understanding of the clouded salamander and its habitat. Its current conservation status is near threatened.


Ascending the Giants

For this pair of arborist-adventurers,
climbing isn't just something to do on a cliff. A journey into the tree canopy on Washington's Olympic Peninsula...

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CNN-News to me

Two world-class tree climbers
take us up some of the country's
tallest trees...

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