Chronicles Of Measuring Champion Trees

A dry country tree, the White Alder, finds the Willamette Valley to be the perfect site to grow to monstrous proportions.


2/22/2010 Brian French and Will Koomjian

A brutal storm in the Pacific Northwest, the Willamette Mission State Park, a team of arborsts and Oregon's champion Black Cottonwood. Will it "measure-up" and again be declared the national champion tree?


11/16/2009 Will Koomjian and Brian French

Largest of it's species in Oregon? The oldest tree in the Northwest? Robert Van Pelt and Chris Earle search for answers with Gary Dielman(discoverer) in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Watch it on OPB's Oregon Field Guide.


08/01/2009 Gary Dielman

A renowned big tree enthusiast from Corvallis, Oregon (Aaron Lesan) contacts ATG about a 'local secret' big tree, which turns out to be by far the biggest Western Red Cedar in the state, and the only tree of the species in Oregon to measure up to the giants of the Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver Island.


12/20/08 Will Koomjian

After publicity from our nomination of the Cape Meares Spruce, another Oregon coast community comes forward with a giant spruce that begs consideration.  Only one way to settle this; ATG climbs the competitor and compares the dimensions head-to-head.


07/14/08 Will Koomjain

Ride shotgun on our tour of coastal Southern Oregon as we climb a very old and precarious champion tree set amidst the backdrop of efforts to stop the spread of a deadly introduced root rot that threatens the trees' continued existence.


04/20/2008 Will Koomjain and Brian French

ATG investigates a new nomination for a unique native broad leaf tree related to the Chestnut.  Based on the preliminary measurements, the tree appears very close in size to the current champion in California.


03/14/2008 Will Koomjian

In response to the death of the largest and most famous tree in Oregon, the Klootchy Creek Spruce, ATG sets out to find the tree's successor, but typically awful Oregon coast weather threatens to scuttle their plans to introduce Oregonians to a new champion spruce.


02/19/2008 Will Koomjain and Brian French

In a remote corner of Southern Oregon, a place dubbed "The Magic Circle" for having the highest biodiversity of conifers in the western hemisphere, stands the largest specimen of the Baker Cypress, the rarest tree in North America.  At least, it stood in 1974, the last time anyone went out to check on it.


12/09/2008 Will Koomjian

After finding a Champion tree broken by winter storms, ATG sets out to nominate a new champion.  With the help of a legendary Portland tree climber and some canoes, a tree is found that far surpasses the old champion.


11/12/2008 Will Koomjain and Brian French

ATG tries to locate the National champion native oak that seems to have fallen off the map.  What they find is a small gem of Oregon's forest heritage in danger of falling through the cracks as a national logging company makes plans on the land.


12/12/07 Will Koomjian and Brian French

ATG make the trip to the Oregon coast range to seek out what the records indicate is the largest known Maple tree in the world.  What they discover is a bit of local history, some current changes, and a truly one-of-a-kind giant tree.


09/30/2007 Will Koomjain and Brian French

Learn about one of the most beautiful and threatened of Oregon's conifers: the Port-Orford Cedar.


08/21/07 Brian French and Will Koomjian

The town of Seeley Lake is known far and wide as one of the Montana's most scenic areas.  Famous as the setting for Norman McLean's "A River Runs Through It", it is home to another statewide attraction: at 22.5ft in circumference and 165ft tall, the Seeley Lake Giant is indisputably the mother of all deciduous conifers.


07/15/07 Brian French and Will Koomjian

Q: Where is the largest Black Walnut in the world?  The woodlands of Texas? The hills of Missouri? Tennessee? A: On a river island in Oregon famous for its pumpkins.


06/09/07 Will Koomjain

After spending most of the day navigating on logged-out B.L.M. roads and receiving dubious directions from various locals( one leading us on a riding lawnmower), Brian, Will and Sean arrived at the tree shortly before sunset.

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