Urban Old Growth

As big tree enthusiasts, naturally our adventures take us to remote areas.  There, trees are able to do what they have spent millions of years evolving to do without people disturbing their water table, polluting their air and altering their microclimates with a suddenness that they often have trouble dealing with.  Of course the biggest trees are usually far removed from the domain of humans.

Like all living things, though, trees sometimes beat the odds and thrive in the face of adversity.  In our work we have noticed that sometimes, in the patchwork process of settling the Pacific Northwest and shaping the land to the needs of humans, certain places slipped through the cracks.  The amazing trees that still exist there are something of freaks these days; isolated from their companions they look startlingly, profoundly out of place.

In order to draw attention to the value of these trees, we have decided to create a list and post it on our website.The Urban Oldgrowth List will contain remarkable native trees still living despite of the cities and towns that have grown up around them.  We will post accompanying photos and measurements, and when we can the tree's history and location.

These trees are truly a unique set of survivors, facing many similar threats, and thus it makes sense for us to talk about them as an important conservation topic.

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