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We are pleased to announce the DVD release of Treeverse. But first we'd like to thank our sponsors, backers and dedicated individuals who have all been responsible for the makings of this record setting adventure. And a special thanks to Uncage The Soul Productions for documenting and creating this award winning short film documentary.


Treeverse: Special Feature DVD



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Treeverse: Special Feature DVD: Includes 5 short films from Uncage The Soul Productions


Duration: 28 minutes of long distance, endurance-sapping canopy travel

Summary: On March 23, 2011, Brian French and Will Koomjian set off on an unprecedented 1 km canopy trek through an old growth Oregon White Oak forest. Their journey would involve packing all their equipment and belongings with them, traveling unsupported, and never touching the ground. For the next 5 days, Brian and Will would endure the predictably unpredictable Oregon spring weather, battle fatigue, and face seemingly impossible gaps of over 100 feet between trees. Their success would depend on choreographed teamwork, some innovative tools and techniques, and a fair bit of luck.



Into Darkness

Duration: 15 minutes of captivating underground exploration

Summary: Into Darkness is a short adventure essay about the experience of exploring the secret underworld of caves. The images and sounds of spectacular and remote wilderness caves will reveal a fantastic world unlike anything we experience on the surface.



Ascending the Giants Film

Duration: 12 minutes of dedication to preserve Oregon's largest trees

Summary: Following the demise of the Klootchy Creek Spruce, an Oregon landmark, Portland arborists Will Koomjian and Brian French set forth on a journey to locate a new Oregon State Sitka Spruce champion. As they visit several giant contenders along the windswept Oregon coast, both arborists reveal their motives run deeper than collecting data and naming a new champion.



Flight of the Dunni

Duration: 16 minutes of Oregon landscape footage, laughter and suspense

Summary: This short adventure documentary features Jaysen Dunnavant's attempt to design and construct a balloon chair. He attempts this aerial stunt two miles from the nearest road, requiring dozens of trips hauling hundreds of pounds of weather balloons and helium tanks into Twin Lakes in the North Umpqua National Forest. In the sport of 'cluster ballooning', there is only one known participant in North America. Dunnavant attempts to become the second.

Finding Oregon

Duration: 4 minutes of breathtaking timelapse sequences of Oregon's pride and joy

Summary: Finding Oregon is the compilation of six months of timelapse photography across the state punctuated by a 1600 mile road trip in September.  Locations include the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, Mt Jefferson, the Southern Coast, the Alvord Desert, Leslie Gulch, Blue Mountains, Crater Lake, and the Eagle Cap Wilderness.  Uncage the Soul Productions is always considering future timelapse projects.




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