Ascending the Giants is a non-profit organization that produces an ongoing series of expeditions to measure the largest tree of each species. These trees demonstrate the pinnacle of what a species can be; they are called champion trees.

With the support of videographer John Waller the team is able to capture some of the first and only footage inside the canopies of these remarkable trees. Ascending the Giants now showcases these specimens as a means to increase knowledge of their existence and their ecological importance in our forests and our community.




We are pleased to announce the DVD release of Treeverse. But first we'd like to thank our sponsors, backers and dedicated individuals who have all been responsible for the makings of this record setting adventure. And a special thanks to Uncage The Soul Productions for documenting and creating this award winning short film documentary.


Brian and Will measure the world's tallest Sugar Pine in southern Oregon with renowned "Big Tree Hunter" Michael Taylor. This 2012 finding puts the Sugar Pine back on the tall tree list. View this clip with Joe Camarlinghi and NBC. View...


Oregon Champion Tree Registry

Under the Oregon Champion Tree Registry, a tree is defined by the following and can be nominated:

-A native or non-invasive naturalized  plant

-One erect perennial stem or trunk at  least 3 inches in diameter at 4.5 feet  above the ground

-A more or less definitely formed  crown of foliage

-A height of at least 13 feet

  • Download the nomination form here.




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